Southern Cross Healthcare Plans and the CNA

Dear CNA members,

Southern Cross Health Society (SCHS) offers a number of plans which include a visit to a registered clinical nutritionist with the CNA.

The SCHS member’s policy will state whether or not a nutrition consultation applies and the maximum amount payable.  Please direct your clients to Southern Cross Healthcare for the latest information about their plan.

As of March 2018, the permitted plans to see a registered clinical nutritionist are:

  1. Health Essentials
  2. Ultra Care and
  3. Body Care Module (which can be added to Wellbeing 1 or Wellbeing 2 policy)

See a comparison of their plans: Southern Cross Plan comparison chart

For a client to make a claim, registered CNA members are required to provide policyholders with a PDF receipt (word documents can be easily altered) which contains the following information:-

  • Business name
  • The registered practitioners full name
  • Full business address and phone number
  • The practitioners CNA membership number
  • A link to the practitioner’s business profile on the CNA website
  • The client’s full name
  • Date of consultation
  • Description of services provided with breakdown of dates and payments (if paying for more than one session)
  • Total cost of services paid

A PDF receipt should be provided to clients immediately following their nutrition consultation.  This will help streamline the process by making it easier for policyholders to make a claim and would also assist Southern Cross claims department to process them more efficiently.  Claims are made between SCHS and policy holders, not nutritionists.

Please note that if a practitioner does not have a business listing on the CNA website, SCHS will contact the committee to verify the practitioner’s registration.  It is vital that practitioners maintain their current individual membership as clients have been declined cover due to expired or non-registered practitioner membership.

If you would like to use the SCHS logo, please complete and return the terms and conditions form: Terms and Conditions Southern Cross Logo_CNA2018


Kind regards,


Tania Johnson


Clinical Nutrition Association