February's Book Review By Margot Watson

Dr Libby’s Beauty From The Inside Out

This book is a wonderful inspiring read! My mum actually recommended this book. It is packaged well; a smallish oblong shaped book with good sized print (perfect bath reading).

Dr Libby takes us on a journey appealing to our visual obsessed society: beautiful food, beautiful nutrients, beautiful hormones, beautiful digestion, beautiful sleep, beautiful movement, beautiful skin, beautiful insight and finally beautiful solutions, it is the ultimate feel good read!

She describes beauty as your shine or sparkle, it is the radiance of the heart. She says that the reason beauty calls to us is that it arises from love! LOVE is the most nourishing and desired force in life.

The message is clear: self-love and self-respect is the solution! Respect your bodies with valuable nutrients and lifestyle choices that optimize and support the mind and body processes.