Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled a number of frequently asked questions here. Our membership forms, on the Membership page, also contain information that you may find helpful. If you have a question that we have not been able to answer please contact us via the Contact page.

1How do I join the CNA?
Visit our Membership page to find out more about practitioner and student membership options.

Detailed information about criteria for acceptance, membership benefits and online membership application forms can be found on the Practitioner Membership and the Student Membership pages.

Please ensure you read the criteria carefully to ensure your qualification meets our requirements, and have the required documentation ready to include with your application.
2Do you accept international qualifications for Practitioner Membership?

Practitioner Member applicants with international qualifications are reviewed by the CNA Committee on a case-by-case basis.

Visit our Practitioner Membership page to find out more about our criteria for acceptance.

3How much does it cost to join?
Annual membership fees are:
Practitioner $125 (+ $40 admin fee for new members)
Student $35
4How do I renew my membership?
Membership renewals are on hold until the new member management system is in place (early September 2021).

Once this system is in place all members will receive invoices via email for membership renewal. Invoices are paid via credit card in your Online Account. Practitioner members will need to provide evidence of 15 hours of continued education, uploaded to their Online Profile by 1st July 2022, in time for the first Annual Renewal.

If your membership has expired, please contact us via email Please note that late Practitioner renewals will incur a $40 admin fee, due to the extra time required for manual processing.

5What are the requirements for Continued Education?
To renew your Practitioner Membership you are required to include evidence of 15 points of Continuing Professional Education (CPE), accrued over the previous 12 months. If it has been more than 5 years since you were last registered with the CNA please contact us via the Contact page to discuss your renewal options.

All CNA events count towards continued education. Attendance certificates are provided at each event, and should be retained for inclusion with your online annual membership renewal.

How to gain CPE:

Continued Education Points Credited
Attendance at CNA events
Submit attendance certificate
1 point per learning hour
Nutritional health related industry webinars, seminars, conferences, courses and journals with CPE offered
Submit attendance certificate with CPE value recorded on it
1 point per learning hour
Presentation of a nutrition related topic to the public or professionals
Note: Presentations must be at least 45 minutes long and include a minimum of 5 references published within the previous 10 years. Repeat presentations of the same topic/material will not gain CPE
1. Submit a referenced PDF of content and/or slides
2. Submit a completed downloadable presentation form with verification of hours, topic and witness signature
2 points per presentation, MAX 2 events per year
Write a referenced article or E-book
Note: Must be a minimum of 1000 words and include a minimum of 5 references published within the previous 10 years
Submit article, E-book or link to view
2 points, MAX 2 articles and/or E-books per year
Volunteer work in holistic nutrition for a community based project
Submit a completed downloadable volunteer form with verification of hours, tasks and witness signature DOWNLOAD FORM
1 point per hour, MAX 3 points per year
Business related professional development courses
Submit proof of payment or certificate of completion
2 points per year
Formal nutrition health-related studies at a Tertiary Institute (NZQA level 5+ or equivalent International Institute)
Submit proof of enrolment or qualification certificate including learning hours
1 point per learning hour
Teaching a nutrition related undergraduate or postgraduate course
Submit a completed downloadable teaching form with verification of hours, topic and witness signature DOWNLOAD FORM
5 points per year
Peer reviewed published research paper, fully referenced
Submit research paper including references
15 points
Nutritional health related book published by a reputable publishing company
Note: Must be a minimum of 150 pages, include a minimum of 30 references published within the previous 10 years and have an ISBN number
Submit proof of book
15 points
6Do you provide indemnity insurance?
We do not offer indemnity insurance for our members.
7Does the CNA support online consultations?
The Clinical Nutrition Association fully supports and encourages online consultations, whether it is an initial appointment or follow up appointment. We would prefer if members could use a secure platform such as Zoom and undertake consultations in the same manner you would a face to face meeting.