CNA registered clinical nutritionists have collected these nutritious and delicious recipes for you to enjoy.
New recipes are added regularly so please check back for more inspiring ideas.


Southern Cross Healthcare Plans and the CNA

Dear CNA members, Southern Cross Health Society (SCHS) offers a number of plans which include a visit to a registered clinical nutritionist with the CNA. The […]

Gut Bacteria and the Brain

Sharon Erdrich presented at the 2017 AGM on gut bacteria and their effect on the brain, and has generously shared her presentation with us. Click here to […]

Weight Management: The real deal

How to achieve a healthy a metabolism and effective weight management by Julie Wilson. Read Article >>

High Calcium Greens

Mary Belsey shares her depth of knowledge on non-dairy dietary sources of calcium. Read Article >>

Your Weight: It’s about much more than food and exercise

A fantastic article by Maria Middlestead on factors affecting weight management Read Article >>

Talk-the-talk: Public speaking tips

Invaluable tips on improving your public speaking from Annette Fenton, a distinguished Toastmaster Read Article >>

Foodies Day 2012: Seaweed workshop notes

Our thanks to Louise Fawcett at Pacific Harvest for these resources. Seaweed presentation Seaweed guide

The Alligator Pear

Even more reasons for our clients to eat avocados! Our president Linda Outhwaites tells us in detail about their amazing antioxidant and anti-inflamatory properties. There’s a […]

AGM 2013: Longevity Presentation

Longevity Presentation by Marcelli Coronet of FxMed Research papers referenced in this presentation