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Shahrzad Babapour
Natural Healing Co.
183 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011

I believe in the self-healing wisdom of the human body and a holistic approach to health that considers the balance of mind, body and spirit. The food that we eat and our lifestyle may be contributing to an imbalance which can manifest as low energy and mood, hormonal issues, inflammation, weakened immunity and chronic illness.

A Nutrition consultation helps to identify the root cause of any imbalance. During the appointment, I go through a comprehensive health history intake with my clients and complete physical examinations. Lab tests and functional testing are ordered, if and when necessary.

I provide my clients with a wellness plan, carefully tailored to their health goals and current health status as well as recipe suggestions and quality practitioner-only supplements. In addition, my experience as a yoga practitioner allows me to provide my clients with meditation practices and yoga postures to support their wellbeing.

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