Practitioner Membership
Renewal Application

Practitioner Membership Renewal

$125 per annum

The Clinical Nutrition Association (CNA) offers professional registration to qualified Clinical Nutritionists throughout New Zealand on an annual basis. This form is to apply for renewal of your Practitioner Membership.

Criteria for renewal of Practitioner Membership:

  • Evidence of 15 points or more of Continued Practitioner Education (CPE) received within the previous 12 months.
  • Application is made within 5 years of most current membership expiry date.

Practitioner membership enables:

  • Professional Registration
  • Profile listing on the CNA website
  • Use of Accredited Member Logo
  • Use of Southern Cross Health Care Logo
  • Continued Education
  • Discounted CNA event registration
  • Regular updates on CNA activities
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Enables participation in CNA monthly committee meetings

PLEASE NOTE: To renew Practitioner Membership after an absence from the CNA of more than 5 years, please contact the CNA Committee via our Contact Page. Acceptance is on a case-by-case basis.

List of Continued Practitioner Education accepted by the Clinical Nutrition Association.

Attendance at CNA events
Submit attendance certificate
1 point per learning hour
Nutritional health related industry webinars, seminars, conferences, courses and journals with CPE offered
Submit attendance certificate with CPE value recorded on it
1 point per learning hour
Presentation of a nutrition related topic to the public or professionals
Note: Presentations must be at least 45 minutes long and include a minimum of 5 references published within the previous 10 years. Repeat presentations of the same topic/material will not gain CPE
1. Submit a referenced PDF of content and/or slides
2. Submit a completed downloadable presentation form with verification of hours, topic and witness signature
2 points per presentation, MAX 2 events per year
Write a referenced article or E-book
Note: Must be a minimum of 1000 words and include a minimum of 5 references published within the previous 10 years
Submit article, E-book or link to view
2 points, MAX 2 articles and/or E-books per year
Volunteer work in holistic nutrition for a community based project
Submit a completed downloadable volunteer form with verification of hours, tasks and witness signature DOWNLOAD FORM
1 point per hour, MAX 3 points per year
Business related professional development courses
Submit proof of payment or certificate of completion
2 points per year
Formal nutrition health-related studies at a Tertiary Institute (NZQA level 5+ or equivalent International Institute)
Submit proof of enrolment or proof of qualification certificate including learning hours
1 point per learning hour
Teaching a nutrition related undergraduate or postgraduate course
Submit a completed downloadable teaching form with verification of hours, topic and witness signature DOWNLOAD FORM
5 points per year
Peer reviewed published research paper, fully referenced
Submit research paper including references
15 points
Nutritional health related book published by a reputable publishing company
Note: Must be a minimum of 150 pages, include a minimum of 30 references published within the previous 10 years and have an ISBN number
Submit proof of book
15 points

Membership Fees

The annual Practitioner Membership Renewal Fee is $125. Payment information will be sent to you once your membership has been accepted. Please allow up to 20 working days for the full application process.

On the anniversary of your membership you will be sent an email reminder to renew your membership so please update the CNA if your current email address changes. You will need to complete this renewal membership application form with evidence of Continued Practitioner Education.

We look forward to receiving your application to renew your membership.

Please complete the following form in detail. Failure to do so may result in a delay in your application.