Accredited Member Logo Application

Accredited Member Logo

Accredited Member Logo

The Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand (CNA) owns the Accredited Member Logo.

Current Practitioner members of the CNA are granted access to use this logo on accepting the Logo Terms and Conditions.

The CNA encourages members to make use of the Accredited Member Logo in conjunction with their own business logo in advertising, promotions and other communications.

  • The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the logo:

    1. The use of the logo is only valid if the user is a current, fully-paid up Practitioner Member of the CNA.
    2. Acceptable uses of the logo are those that are specific to the Practitioner’s nutrition practice i.e. business stationery, business cards, advertising flyers/posters, websites, and email signatures. Please obtain approval for any other uses from the CNA committee in writing.
    3. The logo must not be used on products or packaging.
    4. The logo must not be altered in anyway other than the size required for the medium.
    5. The CNA reserves the right to withdraw permission for the use of the logo if the member has been found to have breached the CNA code of ethics and rules of practice, or if your membership has been cancelled, or if we direct you to.
    6. Not use the logo in any way that could mislead the public.
    7. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.