Annual General Meeting 2013

AGM was held on the 8th of June in the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. Attendance was open to CNA Members and the general public.




The speakers:

Angela Haldane spoke on Pro-active approaches to Healthy Aging. Angela discussed research on nutrients and lifestyle factors to reduce the aging process. She also highlighted important factors that can interfere with the body’s ability to achieve optimal health.

Robin Day is theManaging Director of Biotrace Ltd. BioTrace specialises in the importation and distribution of living source nutrition products. Robin’s passion for living source nutrients without binders, fillers lubricants or colourings stems from his personal experience with them in his own health journey and also of thousands of other New Zealanders and Australians. Robin spoke on antioxidants and their importance in maintaining good health.

Marcelli Coronet of FxMed shared her knowledge on longevity and how gene-nutrient interactions can impact the way that we age.