About The Clinical Nutrition Association

The Clinical Nutrition Association was established in 2009 by a group of concerned and passionate nutritionists. The CNA acts as an umbrella organisation for Clinical Nutritionists around New Zealand, and keenly conveys the properties and benefits of good health to the public.

Our Vision:

To be the foremost registrar of Clinical Nutritionists in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Mission:

  • Provide information, resources, continued education, networking and business development opportunities for Clinical Nutritionists;
  • Provide the public with a credible directory of qualified and professional Clinical Nutritionists;
  • Welcome student members to the industry and support their transition to working as a Clinical Nutritionist;
  • Promote the valuable role of Clinical Nutrition in Aotearoa New Zealand's health care system;
  • Foster an environment of inclusivity, respect and appreciation of diversity within our association and our communities.


    Why Have The CNA?


    Currently, national regulations offer no detailed criteria as to who can call themselves a nutritionist. While many practitioners have rightfully earned their title through years of tertiary education and clinical practice, some have not.

    Until recently there was no easy way to differentiate between these different skill-sets. For the first time in New Zealand we have an organisation that solely registers approved Clinical Nutritionists. The public can now feel safer in their choice of practitioner.

    CNA members keep up-to-date with the most recent research, and have learned how to apply this holistically. Health is more than physical: it also comprises mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life. Changes are only sustainable if they are practical and enjoyable. CNA members make the science of good nutrition easier to understand and apply.

    To qualify for CNA registration, Clinical Nutritionists must have years of tertiary training at an approved institution, hundreds of hours of clinical practice, and annual continued education.

    Current Committee Members

    Rose Riley

    Phillipa Page

    Catherine Garney

    Dr Cliff Harvey
    Industry / Technical Advisor

    Joni Hammington
    Newsletter / Social Media Manager

    Jeanne Brejon de Lavergnee
    Website Manager

    Clare Michelsen
    Events Manager

    Tania Murray
    Projects Manager

    Do you have ideas you would like to contribute to assist the CNA?

    Members of the committee volunteer their time and resources and are the driving force behind the organisation. Committee members are involved in arranging events and information evenings for the general public and practitioners. They also maintain the website, produce PR and marketing materials for publication and much more.

    There are many opportunities for involvement – and camaraderie – while working alongside some senior practitioners of nutrition. All Practitioner and Student members are welcome to participate as a committee member.

    CNA Fellowship Members

    Fellowships are an advanced category of membership for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of clinical nutrition.

    Philip Dowling

    Philip has been practising and teaching nutrition and naturopathy for almost 30 years, and is considered by many to be one of the pioneers of clinical nutrition in Aotearoa. As Head of the Naturopathy and Nutrition faculties at Wellpark College for 15 years, he developed and led the delivery of Wellpark's Bachelor of Naturopathy degree. Philip recently taught pathophysiology, biochemistry, and clinical practice at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. Through these roles, Philip has made an outstanding contribution to the education and development of clinical nutritionists in Aotearoa.

    Phillip has written voluminously over the years, including his inspiring book Journeys Back to Health, and holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition. He has also advocated for advances in public health and nutrition with MPs and local government. Considered an expert in gastrointestinal health, Philip works with his clients to identify and overcome the root cause of ill health at his private practice in Auckland. Philip was a driving force behind the establishment of the CNA and has served as both President and a committee member. We are privileged and grateful to have Philip’s foundational and ongoing support to the CNA.

    For more information about Philip's practice Health Journeys, please refer to our Directory or visit www.healthjourneysnz.com

    Maria Middlestead

    Maria’s immense passion for nutrition is evidenced by her 45-plus years’ experience in clinical nutrition practice. Maria has contributed to the growth of clinical nutrition in Aotearoa through her work as an educator at both secondary and tertiary institutes.

    Maria is also somewhat of a nutrition celebrity having hosted four television series on food and health in Aotearoa, Australia and Canada, and a regular slot on TV One’s Good Morning show. Maria is the best-selling author of seven books, five tertiary textbooks, and a contributor to six others. She writes for various publications, conducts research, and delivers consultancy projects for the food industry. She has also won seven awards as a nutrition writer, food writer, educator, clinician and public speaker. Maria has also co-owned a health food store complex, owned and operated a catering business and cooking school, and lectured locally and internationally.

    At her Auckland-based clinical practice, Maria sees patients for individually tailored health and weight consultations. Maria was a founding member and committee member of the CNA, and we thank her immensely for her ongoing support.

    For more information about Maria, please refer to our Directory or visit www.mariamiddlestead.co.nz

    Dr Cliff Harvey

    Cliff has made a profound contribution to the field of clinical nutrition through his work as a clinician, researcher, educator, author, mentor and advisor to various committees and boards. Cliff has over 20 years of experience as a nutritionist, naturopath, medical herbalist, and strength coach and has supported world-class athletes through to the chronically unwell, to maximise their health and performance.

    Through his doctoral and post-doctoral research, and ongoing local and international research projects, Cliff has expanded our understanding of ketogenesis and the individualisation of diets, and most recently, long covid and vaccine injury. Cliff has authored a plethora of academic, business and mind/body publications, is a highly sought-after public speaker and has been actively involved in government lobbying for the growth and protection of the clinical nutrition profession in Aotearoa. He has also co-developed various nutritional-related businesses, including the manufacture of nutritional supplements and an online retail supplements business.

    Students of clinical nutrition have benefited enormously from Cliff’s work in the establishment of the Holistic Performance Institute where he teaches, mentors, and maintains an active community of nutrition professionals. Cliff is a highly regarded and respected member of the international health and wellness community, and this is clearly evidenced by the calibre of interesting and entertaining guests he hosts on his Cliffdog’s Podcats podcast.

    Cliff is a long-standing member of the CNA and we are truly grateful for the support and advice that Cliff continues to provide as the CNA Committee's Industry and Technical Advisor.

    You can find more information about Cliff on our Directory or visit www.cliffharvey.com