2017 Annual General Meeting

AGM was held on Saturday 24th June in the main room at Ferndale House. Attendance was open to CNA Members and the general public.






We warmly invite you to the CNA’s Annual General Meeting.  

Please join us in discussing our future planning and development. We are very pleased to announce that our specialist speaker this year is Sharon Erdrich.

The link between gut health and Mental Health

Sharon Erdrich MHSc [Hons], NZRGON, Dip Nat, Dip Med Herb, Dip Aroma. Vice President, NZ Society of Naturopaths

Sharon has worked in healthcare for almost forty years, with experience in a broad range of healthcare settings. Her teaching background includes being a lead tutor at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies since 2003; lecturing at Unitec and the NZ College of Massage. She now focuses primarily on post-graduate education – both in New Zealand and internationally.

An ever-expanding body of evidence makes it very clear that gut health and mental health are intricately linked. Sharon will give an overview of some of the mechanisms we need to be cognisant of when working with people with depression and anxiety, exploring the role of diet, digestion and gut flora. SiBO has complex aetiology and presentation and can have strong links to mental health. Sharon will also give a brief introduction to breath testing to diagnose this common gut condition.