Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand

  • The Clinical Nutrition Association (CNA) offers professional registration to qualified Clinical Nutritionists throughout New Zealand.
  • We also act as a point of contact and referral for other health professionals, media and the public.
  • Here you can find a Registered Clinical Nutritionist and learn more about what to expect when you book a nutrition consultation with one of our members.
  • A Registered Clinical Nutritionist holds a nutrition qualification that includes clinical training which has been accredited by the CNA. They work in private practice and/or in a corporate setting providing evidence-based holistic nutrition, personalised health assessment and lifestyle interventions to support health, wellbeing and performance. Undergoing clinical training is the key difference between a Registered Clinical Nutritionist and a Nutritionist. This clinical training includes health history assessment, consultation skills, clinical examination, nutritional assessment, appropriate functional and diagnostic testing, developing health plans and a minimum of 300 hours clinical practice.


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The Clinical Nutrition Association offers student and practitioner memberships. Association members receive a wide range of benefits which can include: discounted CNA event registration, use of the accredited CNA logo, continued education, a directory listing, mentoring support and access to our Facebook page.


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