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Kirsten Beynon

I am a clinical nutritionist and health science geek who is passionate about helping people find and maintain their best possible health through sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.  

My focus is to help clients get back to eating a whole, natural and unprocessed diet that suits them so they feel amazing.

I have many years of experience in the medical field, and have a broad and deep knowledge of medications and complex medical conditions that I can apply to my practice of nutrition.

I am interested in all aspects of nutrition: weight loss, nutrition for specific health conditions and nutrition for all life stages. And anything else that you can think of.

I hold a BSc (Honours) in Biomedical Sciences, a Masters degree in Toxicology and a Diploma in Nutrition. These complement each other to provide great background knowledge of health and nutrition along with strong research and problem solving skills.

I take a ‘food first’ approach and suggest nutritional supplements to add additional support where necessary.

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Phone: 021 638 912