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Nature Nurture Nutrition

My name is Aimee Glucina-Stevens, I am a qualified, registered Holistic Clinical Nutritionist.

A Nutritionist takes a comprehensive case-study based on your diet and lifestyle, assessing where you can do things better, or differently.  Supplements may be  prescribed to kick-start a process or restore an imbalance/deficiency.  I assess what needs to be consumed or not consumed, in order for the body to function correctly; including levels of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. 

Balance is key: A deficiency or over-consumption of any one of these can have a negative impact on the body and produce a general feeling of being unwell, or disease.  A ‘holistic’ approach means that I consider the ‘whole person’ – their physical body, mind, energy and their social, cultural, spiritual and emotional states.

I use Nutritional and lifestyle interventions to assist clients in improving their state of well-being and overall health.  A nutrition consultation will assess what you eat and how it affects your physical and mental well being.  You can learn better eating habits, have a specific plan designed for you for weight management, learn about specific diets for food allergies and more.  Learn about the workings of nature and nurture and how nutrition influences your state of balance. Learn and understand what best supports the working of YOUR body and mind.

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37 Jervois Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland 101

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Phone: 021 208 6141